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Thursday, September 19, 2013

In this world is all work or profession certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, though their status as a permanent employee who is bound to get salary every month.
Every job and profession has its own consequences, there is definitely no rights obligations that must be met. As a permanent employee has the right to facilities and welfare as well as receive a salary every month, but to get all of that as an employee of course obliged to submit to the rules, codes of conduct and agreements in force, must be present for a month and work hours are required to complete all of the work presented according to his ability.

In contrast to a freelance graphic design contract, graphic design jobs, freelance web design, freelance creativeany profession, be it designer, as a consultant, teacher educators, coaches, or even as an artist, freelance projects has flexible rights and obligations, there will be no rules, no order or agreement in force .

Everything is depend what we do, there is no bond, because everything we were set. For this type of profession as I prefer to call it a Prospective Employers, as has been proven We always try all things by himself , ranging from Production Process, Marketing, Publications, Transactions, Security and Responsibility to Business Safety. Without realizing it we 've done the job, not necessarily everyone can do it ... I think this move is very unusual, because such a process to take the necessary preparations are very fundamental, ie there must be preparatory high Mental and Spiritual. Because otherwise we have no preparation is possible we will seek a permanent job with fixed salary and under the rule of law.

Demanded a designer do freelance projects more awareness of ourself, all acquired and produced is directly proportional to how much has been done, the industrious and enterprising We work the greater the opportunity for Us to earn income.

Slightly and the number obtained is very dependent of ourself. How long continuity of business and profession as freelance creative designer We would greatly depending on how the way we organize and make plans.
Articles by edpeny | Design Art School, Bandung 20-Sep-2013

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